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Dege Peak from Sunrise Point

Difficulty: easy

2.9 miles

Elevation gain: 1090'

Max elevation: 6950'

Camps: none

First hiked by me: 2020

This hike is short but quite steep, and packed with stunning views.

The first part of the trail follows the top of Sourdough Ridge, with expansive views to the north. Then the ridgeline shoots suddenly upward, leaving the trail to traverse diagonally up the south side of the ridge as Rainier gradually comes into view. Finally, from the summit of Dege Peak you will enjoy a 360 degree vista including Rainier's summit, the Emmons Glacier, Burroughs Mountain, Sunrise, and Grand Park.

The only downside to this trail is traffic noise, as the road to Sunrise follows a similar route just slightly below the trail.

Dege Peak can also be reached via the Dege Peak from Sunrise trail to the west.

View from Dege Peak. Sunrise is in the middle, Grand Park at the far right

Climbing Sourdough Ridge toward Dege Peak

Looking back down Sourdough Ridge


Looking east from Dege Peak, that's Sunrise Lake to the right and Clover Lake to the left

Rainier, along the way to Dege Peak