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Future Plans

I have completed my goal of hiking every maintained trail inside Mount Rainier National Park, but am far from finished with Tahoma. There are several trails that I've already hiked, but want to revisit because this website lacks sufficiently representative photos. It is the nature of trails to change with weather, season, and time of day, but I want this site to accurately represent the typical character of each. Places I feel I haven't yet achieved that are:

There is one loop route which I've hiked all the pieces of at different times, but want to someday repeat all in one go:

My Wonderland Trail Campsites page should have photos of all the relevant sites. Still needed: Pyramid Creek, South Mowich River, Eagle's Roost, Dick Creek, Granite Creek, Nickel Creek, Paradise River, Berkeley Park, Forest Lake, Snow Lake.

My Wildflowers page doesn't have a clearly defined end goal, but it should at least have photos of Devil's Club, Kinnikinnick, and Wild Ginger.

The dividing line between trails and unofficial routes is infinitely blurry. Rainier is covered with climber's paths, abandoned historic trails, and off-trail scrambles. Some of these will undoubtably prove beyond me, but places I'm interested in exploring include:

If you know of any hikeable places (not climbing or scrambling routes) that I am missing, please let me know!