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Huckleberry / Grand Park Loop

Difficulty: moderate overnighter

19.1 miles

Elevation gain: 4850'

Max elevation: 6890'

Camps: Forest Lake, Berkeley Park, Lake Eleanor

First hiked by me: not yet

I have not yet hiked this as a single combined loop, which I'd like to do someday, but I have separately visited all the pieces of it at different times:

Closing the loop involves an additional 4.3 miles along Forest Road 73, which is not included in the distance shown above. This could be handled by dropping a bike at the Lake Eleanor trailhead, driving back to the Huckleberry Creek trailhead, and hiking up to Forest Lake for the night. Then on day 2, hike out via Berkeley Park, Grand Park, and Lake Eleanor, pick up the bike, and freewheel down the road back to your car.