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Nisqually Vista

Difficulty: easy

1.4 miles

Elevation gain: 375'

Max elevation: 5400'

Camps: none

First hiked by me: 2020

Depending on your perspective, this is either a wheelchair accessible trail that's slightly more challenging than Myrtle Falls, or a way to experience the Nisqually Glacier that's much tamer than the Moraine Trail. It's a fully paved lollipop loop, starting at Paradise and passing through subalpine meadows and forest on the way to a series of (safely fenced) viewpoints along a cliff overlooking the Nisqually Valley. From here you have a great view of the mountain, the crevassed upper reaches of the glacier, its rock-covered lower section, the river flowing from its mouth, and the dramatic valley where the glacier used to be before retreating nearly a mile over the last 150 years.

In winter, rangers mark the route which makes a good beginner snowshoe, but only as an out-and-back rather than lollipop loop.

Lollipop loop along the paved trail

Same trail, different time of year

Viewpoint overlooking the snout of the Nisqually Glacier

Same viewpoint seen from a winter snowshoe

Avalanche lilies

Mountain behind a field of lupin