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Stevens Canyon

Difficulty: moderate

7.4 miles one way

Elevation gain: 2800'

Max elevation: 4890'

Camps: Maple Creek

First hiked by me: 2021

The section of Wonderland Trail from Box Canyon to Reflection Lakes is either an uphill section hike (the stats shown above) if you start at Box Canyon, or mostly downhill if you start at Reflection Lakes, or a long day if you hike it out and back.

Complicating factor: there's a sketchy washout roughly halfway through this section, where the trail crosses a slide area that changes with pretty much every rainstorm. When I crossed here on my 2021 Wonderland circuit, I thought it was no big deal. In October 2023, I'd rate it 9/10, where 10 is the sketchiest thing I'd agree to cross. But I'm a wuss where sketchy scrambling is concerned, so take that for what it's worth. If you don't like the sound of this, you could hike the section out-and-back from either of its ends.

This is not the most famous section of the Wonderland, but I think it's underrated. The trail follows up the side of Stevens Canyon, with Stevens Creek flowing below. Reasons to hike here:

Martha Falls

#nofilter it really was these colors

Fall foliage colors in Stevens Canyon

Part of the sketchy washout (the whole thing is longer than this) as of October 2023

Fall foliage and lava cliffs

Delightful spot where the trail crosses Stevens Creek

At Box Canyon, the Muddy Fork Cowlitz River has carved itself a slot canyon 180 feet deep

View of Tahoma from Box Canyon