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Mildred Point via Rampart Ridge

Difficulty: strenuous

8.5 miles

Elevation gain: 3350'

Max elevation: 5900'

Camps: none

First hiked by me: 2019

This is an alternative way to reach Mildred Point: longer and less scenic than the more common Van Trump Park and Mildred Point via Comet Falls route, but with the advantage of avoiding the avalanche chutes which make the trail to Comet Falls dangerous in snowy conditions. I hiked it in October, when there was snow at the top but most of the way up was still bare.

Starting at Longmire, head north along the Wonderland Trail (which is also part of Indian Henry's from Longmire and Rampart Ridge Loop). At the top of Rampart Ridge, turn right onto the Van Trump Trail and hike up a forested ridge for 2.5 miles. Views open up in the last quarter mile, after which you turn left onto a spur that climbs steeply to Mildred Point.

Be sure to stop walking when you reach Mildred Point, because this is a steep drop-off! And beware of cornices near the edge if you visit here in the snow.

For a longer hike you could continue past that final left turn, up into Van Trump Park. Or, if you can arrange a car shuttle, you could combine this with the Comet Falls route (the two trailheads are separated by 4 miles of road).

Most of this trail is through forest

Views started to open up as I reached the snow

Tatoosh Range (Chinook Jargon for 'nourishing breast') with Mount Adams behind

Looking back down the final climb toward Mildred Point

End of the trail at Mildred Point, late season

Mildred Point, in summer