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Eastside Loop

Difficulty: moderate 4 days

35 miles

Elevation gain: 9000'

Max elevation: 6785'

Camps: Summerland, Indian Bar, Olallie Creek, Deer Creek, Tamanos Creek

First hiked by me: 2023

This loop hike is formed by combining the trails to Summerland and Panhandle Gap, Ohanapecosh Park, Indian Bar, Cowlitz Divide Trail, Eastside Trail, Owyhigh Lakes from Deer Creek, and Owyhigh Lakes from White River Road. Its lower, eastern half consists of quiet trails-less-travelled through primordial old growth forest, while its western half doubles as one of the most spectacular high alpine portions of the Wonderland. Closing the loop involves walking 3/4 mile along the road, which is included in the distance shown above.

I hiked it on a leisurely 5 day itinerary, which left plenty of time for side excursions along the way.